Certs re-issuing policy

Olive Safety issued certs
If your Olive Safety issued certificate is lost or damaged. we can reissue your certificate. A statement indicating that the certificate was re-issued, along with the date of reissue, will appear at the bottom.
Individuals seeking to replace a certificate which was issued by Olive Safety must raise a request by contacting us via phone/email. If you are unsure whether your certificate was issued by Olive Safety or an external accredited body, please get in touch with us first before submitting your request to the external body directly.To request a reissued certificate (directly issued by Olive Safety) due to loss or damage:

  • Contact Olive Safety via phone/email and provide us the relevant details to pull your course details from our records.
  • Make a payment for €20 per certificate towards re-issuing charge.
  • Certificate will be issued via email.
  • The processing time for a reissued certificate is 1-2 days.

External bodies issued certs
Below are the procedures to request for re-issuing a certificate issued by any of the external accredited body (PHECC, SOLAS or QQI) due to loss or damage:
QQI (MH Instructor) All re-issue requests in relation to QQI certs must be made by the client directly. If a client wishes to get a copy or re-issue of any QQI course the must call directly and quote their PPS number. QQI May charge a €30 fee for this and you may have to wait for their next issue window.
SOLAS (Safepass) If your card has been lost, stolen or damaged you can apply for a replacement card by completing the Online Replacement Application form, attach a current photograph and make an online payment for the sum of €25.
Safe Pass Registration Cards which are being replaced are sent by the printing company directly to the individual requesting the Safe Pass Card. Replacement cards are generally issued within 2-3 weeks of receipt of fully completed Replacement Form and correct payment.
PHECC (FAR/FAR Refresher) For PHECC re-issues you must contact Olive Safety and provide the dates. Olive staff can find a scan of your cert. If the scan will suffice we can send or print the scanned image and provide to you. Should you require a physical original cert we can re-issue provided Olive or the PHECC Institute we use has a copy of the assessment documents. A total fee of €32 will apply for this towards processing charges for Olive and the PHECC Institute. Please note that the new certificate may take upto 30 working days to arrive.