VDU [ Visual Display Units] Assessor

This course will provide the skills necessary to carry out accurate VDU assessment of all workstations in the workplace.



VDU [ Visual Display Units] Accessor is a Olive safety certified course which will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out a complete and accurate VDU assessment of all workstations in the workplace.

After completing, the trainee will be able to assess the environment that an individual will work in. After completing, the trainee will able to assess the seating, screens, lighting and storage. This is a 4 hrs classroom course with 3 years of validity.

Course Content

Principles of Ergonomics and Ergonomic Risk Factors
Work Related Upper Limb Disorders
Hazard Identification Process
VDU Risk Assessment
Risk reduction methods
Practical Assessment
Questions and Answers


On completion of this course participants will be able to:

Understand the legislation relating to VDU Equipment
Understand the basic principles of Ergonomics
Identify Ergonomic Risk Factors
Carry out a VDU assessment of a workstation
Implement suitable control measures


Accreditation: Olive Safety certification with 3 years validity