MEWPs (Mobile Elevated Work Platforms)

Working at heights always comes with danger. The aim of this program is to give you a general overview on working with MEWPs to help reduce accidents, incidents and injuries.

Course Access : Lifetime
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Course Access : Lifetime
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Languages : UK English


The aim of the course is to ensure that operators become competent in the safe use of Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) by gaining the necessary skills and knowledge when operating a MEWP. This course covers both: boom lift and scissor lift machines.

Course Content

Daily inspections of machine
Functions of controls
Safe use of machine around site
Certification and testing of machine & attachments
Terrain and associated hazards
Transport of machine to and from site
Practical Test
Theory Test (Done Online)

Learning Outcomes

Understand the different types of MEWP
Understand the hazards of MEWP use
Demonstrate appropriate pre-use checks on an Mobile Elevated Work Platforms and complete a checklist
Use the correct anchor point on a Mobile Elevated Work Platform and don an appropriate safety harness
Maneuver a MEWP safely – raising, lowering, traversing appropriately.


Upon completion of this course, you should have a knowledge of:

The legislation relevant to using MEWPS
Procedures for working at heights
Safe practices

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for any person who works at height, or supervises work at height


After the completion of this online theory module of the Standard MEWP course, please send us an email at or call us on +353014111011 to book your practical session.

After successful completion of the Standard MEWP course, the certificate will be provided by Olive safety with 3 years of validation.

If you require IPAF certification please contact us directly to arrange this for you. After successful completion, the certificate will be provided by IPAF with 5 years of validation.


Candidate must be at least 16 years of age.
Candidates must have good working knowledge of both written and spoken English
Candidate must have completed the online portion before attending practicals.

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